Insights to Action Case Study:
Colorado Homebuilding Academy

COVID-19 has drastically changed many aspects of our day to day lives including our jobs, businesses and industries as a whole. For those of us in the social sector, we are currently faced with serving communities whose needs are growing and changing at an unprecedented pace.

Watch this video case study with one of our clients, Colorado Homebuilding Academy, and see how they applied the Emerging with Clarity process to gather insights, innovate and take action, enabling them to quickly adapt and support their community.

This case study is designed to spark ideas for your organization and provide a path for other leaders to follow.

What You’ll Takeaway: 

  • The 6 key steps in the Emerging with Clarity approach
  • The application of these steps in a real-life scenario
  • Examples of action steps/pivots that Colorado Homebuilding Academy took to shift their operations to provide critical support to their community. 

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