Passion. Results. Impact.

Lauren Brown
Director of Career Pathways, Mi Casa Resource Center

“ResultsLab is a true professional in their field, they were timely, realistic and highly reliable. The team took time to get to know us and our work – our sessions together were a bright spot in my day.” 

Suzanne Banning
CEO, Florence Crittenton Services

“The team at ResultsLab is reliable and thorough. We also found them personable and easy to talk with.” 

Julie Van Domelen
Executive Director, EFAA

“ResultsLab is technically rigorous and excellent at engaging all levels of staff. They deliver high-quality results. 

Andrew GottWorth
Data & Training Officer, KCCVS

When we think of evaluation, we think of ResultsLab.”

Jerri Schmitz
Founder/Executive Director, The Matthews House

“ResultsLab helped us transfer our thoughts into an accurate and concise theory of change”

Andrew GottWorth
Data & Training Officer, KCCVS

“Our experience with ResultsLab was very personalized.”

Carmen Hubbs
Executive Director, Rise Above Violence

“ResultsLab was efficient, professional, and knowledgeable in helping us improve our evaluation strategy and processes.”

Katrina George
CHOICE Program Director, The Adoption Exchange

“We walked away with a clearer understanding of our program outcomes, and the team was so patient and easy to communicate with!

Jerri Schmitz
Founder/Executive Director, The Matthews House

“ResultsLab was methodical in helping us consolidate 13 years of work into a design that gives us measurable data.”

Sheri Mintz
Executive Director, Bright Future Foundation

“To us ‘ResultsLab’ stands for individualized service.” 

Meg Griffin
Behavior Change Program Manager, Energy Outreach Colorado

“ResultsLab has provided helpful guidance and support as we moved through the process of developing a new, sustainable program. We’re so excited to see where we can take things next.”

Peter Barclay
Assistant Director of Programs, YouthPower365

“When we were having difficulty working toward a theory of change and identifying our outcomes, ResultsLab helped us think through our long-term strategy.”

Susan Duncombe
Associate Director, Denver Urban Scholars

“ResultsLab makes evaluation fun! Even if you don’t have evaluation/program design experience, they can make it understandable and approachable for you.”